[CONTEST CLOSED] Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

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UPDATE: this contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who shared their resolutions with us! Congrats to our 3 randomly selected winners: @raschank1@EB_HelenaMT, and @thilber!   


In last year’s Network Resolutions contest, the community resolved (among many things) to continue to learn more Python and get DevNet certified, drink more coffee, and generally improve their Meraki networks. Goodness, how young we were then...


This round, we'd love to hear either how your resolutions from 2020 changed as the year unfolded or what your new networking resolutions are for the year ahead. Three lucky winners will receive some fun Meraki swag!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 9:59am PST on Tuesday (January 12).


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Once submissions close at 9:59am PST on January 12th, we will select three entries at random to win an exclusive Meraki Community mug!





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  • Submission period: Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 11am PST through Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 9:59am PST
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Getting noticed

I think for me it's cleanup up VLANS, auditing ports, checking spanning tree, etc. Not sure if I'll use the dashboard or API, but cleanup, auditing and documentation are high on my list for 2021.

Kind of a big deal

I ended up moving from Node.js to Python for a lot of coding so I can have a "tier 1" supported platform by Meraki.


I have looked at DevNet many times, but you can't do just Meraki.  You also have to do a lot of other things like DNA Centre and the like - which I have zero interest in.  I don't have interest in Cisco Enterprise anymore.  I feel let down by Cisco Enterprise.

So I will continue to not to do the Devnet certification.


I've decided not to renew my Cisco Enterprise certifications this year.  I am going to let them all expire.  I no longer value them.  I wish Cisco would recognise CMSS and Meraki certifications in general when it comes to partner requirements.


I mostly drink decaf now.  I was drinking too much coffee, and it was not healthy.


I've started doing more exercise (running and walking).


Last year I wrote my first custom Meraki dashboard for a customer to accomplish very specific tasks they do frequently in their business.  I integrated it with a Cisco DAG gateway to use SAML authentication.  And now they can allow a broader range of staff to SAML authenticate to the portal and perform these tasks without them having to have any access to the Meraki dashboard.

I think I would like to pursue more of this Meraki "value add" by creating more custom dashboards for customers.


Just in case anyone else wants to use the Duo Access Gateway for SAML authentication against a Python web app:




Kind of a big deal

I’m sure you’ve thought long and hard about that @PhilipDAth but are you sure you want to let your Professional exams expire? Lot of effort to get them back whereas a simple exam let’s them tick over for another three years.

Kind of a big deal

@DarrenOC I have spent a lot of time agonising about what to do about my professional exams.  I just don't value them anymore.  I don't want to spend time learning things like DNAC, and the "traditional" knowledge I have versus what the exams slowly morph into means I am going to have to spend more and more time learning how to use products I have no interest in.


We have one CCIE on staff.  We discuss learning maybe every 3 months.  We've given him the option of not renewing his CCIE if he wants and only working on Meraki projects.  He has also decided to follow in my footsteps now, and drop his CCIE.


We have been a Premier Partner for over 20 years now.  Possibly the longest in our country (certainly in the top two).

We've decided to drop being a Premier Partner as Cisco don't recognise Merai qualifications.  We'll only be a select partner later this year.


We spoke to Cisco about our intention.  They agree - if you are focused on Meraki being a Premiere Partner gains you nothing.


These days, about 90% of my time is spent working on Meraki and Meraki related projects.  We've converted about 99% of our Cisco Enterprise customers to Meraki now.

And this year - I think I am going to be able to start using MX for more "proper" firewall replacements.  Especially when Anyconnect gets released, and the IKEv2 support is improved.  It's not great, but when the customer has "Meraki everything thing else" its livable.

I have been using vASAs for doing AnyConnect+VPNs on Meraki deployments, but with the new AnyConnect support I think we'll change 100% across to using StrongSwan for site to site VPNs.  It is just so awesome - and free.


Cisco Enterprise no longer figures in our revenue stream as being significant.  And personally, I could easily get a job doing only Meraki work for any number of companies in my country.  Skilled Meraki engineers are in demand.

Head in the Cloud

Mine involve a lot of programming.

I'm currently building my own house (well I let building it) and it will get smart(light, shutters, ...). Additionally the whole network & cameras will be based on Meraki.

To make everything work together I want to write a meraki component for home assistant, so that I can easily integrate meraki with my smart home 😃



  • Someone comes to the front door while I'm watching TV -> switch to chromecast and display the video from the front door
  • Alarm system is active and the camera detects a person -> close all open shutters
  • Enable/Disable (hidden) SSID based on my location. WiFi with Site2Site VPN to the company doesn't have to be enabled while I'm not at home.
    • same goes for the switchport with the office IPPhone



This year I am hoping to complete my CCNA and also the ECMS2. I have had plenty of studying time over the last year and now its time to put them into action.


My networking goals for this year are to become a Meraki Master, to further enhance customer dashboards with pertinent information, and continue specializing in High density environments.


ACL cleanup and cert renewals.


my goal for this year is to keep Skynet restricted to the lab in order to keep humanity safe.


I would like to extend my knowledge into learning APIs. To be able to provision new sites in minutes with an automation script. To Building my own dashboard.

Here to help

Well....for now, I'd say CMSS certified.


In paralel, keep on studying DEVNET material aiming to become DEVASC certified and be part of DEVNET Class#2020.


Have a great 2021 yall! 



Head in the Cloud

@PhilipDAthabout letting your personal certificates expire: Personally I wouldn't do it, even If I wouldn't need it currently. You don't know what will happen in a few years. I currently hold a CCIE Collaboration, CCDevP (got it beginning of March 2020), CCNP Collab, ...


I completely understand that you don't want to go the "traditional" recertification path with studying for one or more exams.


In 2017 or 2018 cisco hast started the continued education path for CCIEs and in the meantime it got also available for the lower tiers. Which means you can recertify just with attending (online) courses.


I was the first person in my company which has went this way for the CCIE recertification and all I did was attending 2 online self study courses:

  • Developing with Cisco Network Programmability (NPDEV) 4.0
    • which had not much to do with my daily business, but it was still interesting to learn. In the end it has also helped me to pass the DevCore exam as some topics got covered here.
  • Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video (CTCOLLAB) 1.0
    • There wasn't much new here for me, but I still have learned something.

There isn't any requirement for you to do anything similiar to your current certificates. You just have to attend courses which are part of the program.

Just login into ce.cisco.com and look for any courses for your recertification. For professional level you would need 80 credits/points. You can do 4 courses which are worth 20 or just do 2 with 50 and 30 credits or any other combination.

Here to help

CMSS & DevNet Certifications 😃

Getting noticed

Lets not discuss last year, but start off the New Year with something positive. Currently implementing my first vMX in Azure as a test pilot in preparation for a on-premise virtual environment migration to Azure project while maintaining a Meraki mesh network sometime mid-2021! 🙂


Start testing the MG21 to see if I can add some LTE backup!

New here

My goal for 2021 is to use more Meraki equipment in projects!


My goal for 2021 is to introduce prospects and clients to new Meraki products.

Here to help

Continue developing my API scripts, create dashboards for users, and document our network configurations.. in case I get hit by the proverbial bus in 2021. Really looking forward to seeing the API continue to grow, especially would be amazing to see the very useful network objects become part of the API. IPv6 would be a nice 2021 present, too. *fingers crossed*


2021 goal.


Roll out 200+ MS390s, and 400+ meraki aps.


Also 300 MX-68ws.


Then automate it all with Ansible tower.

Here to help

My plan is to get all "legacy" VLANs removed, getting any devices still using them to where they should be now, since we are now actually using VLANs unlike how it was, flat...Blah!  After that, clean up the IDFs cabling - no more using the "why use a 3' cable when a 15' will do???" mentality. I def want to dig into the API portion on the Meraki side, too!  New knowledge is never a bad thing 🙂

Building a reputation

For one client:

Get the rest of the unmanaged D-Link stuff out of the mix and replace with Meraki. Finish the VLAN transition and work on getting them onboard with VoIP to replace their analog Toshiba system. Migrate and consolidate the PACS and EMR platforms and streamline that by folding-in the nuclear department on their own VLAN and making them part of the main PACS. 

Here to help

My goal for 2021 is to figure out why my customers can't receive company Exchange email over Meraki WiFi, but they can via cellular data.  Big pain.

Here to help

Goal for 2021 is definitely get as much certs as possible, I'm currently studying for ENCOR 350-401 and plan to move on until I get my CCIE...the written exam at least!

Getting noticed

Biggest 2021 goal for me is to beef up my company's library of Python API scripts for making Meraki changes, and to build a set of scripts for automatic monitoring for changes from our company standard in our Meraki environment.  


Never really got into coding, beyond small batch files written over the years.  So, this is kind of a new avenue of enterprise networking for me.  



Here to help

Removing all IPVPN connections and finally fully utilizing Meraki SDWAN with dual WAN.

Upgrading to 1Gbps symmetrical fiber primary WAN at all 12 of our locations.

Upgrading all of our remote site MX64 firewalls to at least MX100's. 

I would also like to get my Meraki CMSS certification.


I have two goals this year.


1. I am wanting to learn the power of the API

2. Improving customer experience and build more effective demo's utilizing SIP phones. 

A model citizen

Doing more Skiingtours besides (maybe) some DevNet Certs 🙂


Happy New Year Folks!

2 simple goals for me:

1. Finally set up a Meraki WiFi network at my house with the Meraki gear I got last year. 😊

2. Recertify my Cisco Certs by doing some Cisco SD-WAN and Automation courses.

Here to help

Our goal is to roll out business centers with api’s. So we safe time to drink coffee out of our new mugs😃


As a new member of the community, my goal is to advance my knowledge in 2021. That started in 2020 by completing the FIT courses, and in-depth product training available through the learning hub. For 2021 that will be accelerated by completing all sales-related Black Belt Training, completing level 1 and 2 Implementation training, and learn to function at a low level with Python. 

Here to help

First and foremost, I plan to continue the trend of spending more time with my family.  While I am at work I will be learning more about Meraki gear and how we can best install them into the new building that is going up to replace the one we are in. (1 story to a 3 story upgrade)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

1) hope the vaccine works and we are allowed to re-open our venues.


7) reduce the number of SSIDs using one of the iPSK options (with or more probably without RADIUS) to give us more airtime and better VoIP roaming at our larger busy sites.

Comes here often

I need to integrate Meraki with iBoss this year . Last time someone at this company tried that iBoss was blocking Microsoft lol


In 2021 I plan to:

  1. Avoid Covid
  2. move more of my teams to software defined networks / storage / everything
  3. relax more, I find some nice cheese and whisky works well
  4. Python and API will be high on the list
  5. Ansible and RedHat might assist along the way.
  6. Dance like nobody is watching (who am I kidding I can't dance and I don't care - there's a video on the internet somewhere)

As for me, is to upsell Cisco Meraki Solution. Because Cisco Meraki changed the way we think about network management today. Its out-of-band cloud architecture creates secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy networks that can be managed from anywhere. This can be done from almost any device using web-based Meraki Dashboard and Meraki Mobile App.

Comes here often

In 2020,we helped our customer update their license to Advanced Security.It was a big step for us. Enterprise business customer ususlly doesn't care network security in our country.We all like Security Center in dashboard cause it makes easier to understand how the network threats happends.

We think we can make everything better with Meraki!

Comes here often

My plan is to add the full Meraki offering in the Company I'm currently working. We already implemented SDWAN, Security, Switches, WIFI and Teleworker. Pending are LTE, Cameras and IoT. I'm also planning to finish the complete automation and Dashboard APIs integration with all our BSS and OSS systems. Challenging, but fun work is ahead!!! 

Comes here often

Take some certifications and ASA firewall ruleset cleanup 😄

Here to help

My Goals for 2021: 


I want to finish my Prince2 Practionair Certification

I want to use the learned skills to develop Network Solutions in combination with Meraki of course that can be offered to our customers. 


By the end of the of 2020 we had a Project where the customer wants to have NAC features solved just with Meraki and Windows NPS. 

And that Customer had somany differnt scenarios. We solved almost any scenario. 


The goal now is to standardize that gained knowledge to bring this to more of our customers with similar needs. 

New here

Automate more things, improve python skills, learn Meraki API


change from aironet to Meraki 🙂


Its going to be fun

Comes here often

We are starting up our Meraki 'Tiger Team' to address the growing need for Meraki teleworker and remote office deployments in primarily healthcare. I'm going to drive the team from a technical perspective, starting with becoming fully ECMS2 certified (online training starting this month!). First prospects on deals are looking good, PoC's coming our way and hopefully a lot of delpoyments to help out in facilitating the 'new normal'. 

Busy year!


For this new year, I will evangelize even more customers to Meraki technology 😎

Here to help

Happy New Year everybody!


This year has a few network resolutions for me:


1. - Recertify CCNA, which I let expire a few years ago. This is just to train my brain into studying and exam mode as it should be an easy one to do.

2. - Get skilled into Meraki API programming - I am currently doing a bunch of labs from the Meraki Developer Hub.

3. - I would love to be able to do the Meraki Certification and I wish there was also a specific Meraki Dev cert, but hey! I´ll keep waiting!

4. - Lastly, but definitely not least, I will create all necessary documentation and I will help our Marketing and Management departments to be updated and ready for Meraki as we are currently pushing Meraki as a new product in our portfolio.


I will you all good resolution completion and may this 2021 be a better year!


Wish me luck!



Kind of a big deal

Find more use cases and positioning for the MS390 (hopefully with more robust firmware), along with Adaptive Policy with the Wifi5/6 MR devices (and hopefully also with MX SD-WAN support).

New here

In these unprecedented times when mother earth is ravaged by a pandemic, I am embarking on an impossible mission: To recruit 3 chain store retailer groups to migrate to meraki cloud solutions for their network systems. The advantages are so many. From being able to manage their shops infrastructure from a single window pane to the peace of mind that comes with backup guarantees of a giant in the networking industry. Its the only solution I will be proposing throughout 2021. So wish me luck.


Happy New Year everyone!


My goal for 2021 is to complete Meraki FIT and recommend more Meraki products to our customers.

Here to help

Playing some games on XBOX Series X 🙂

and use my Meraki equipments at home !!!

Comes here often

learn more about meraki and hopefully get a slot for the CMNA in this year. Last year i got no free slot. 😞


I need to give my lan the yearly go through, make sure the etherchannels are done right and there are no faults on the lines.

I am going to exchange all my cisco small business switches with cat 9k, start using dna cloud and replace all my unifi aps with Meraki.

I am looking into the location services API for having little fun depictions of my users move around on a map of the building in our own implementation of webex.

Kind of a big deal

Try to obtain CMSS before 2022. 😄

Getting noticed

Keep learning and pass the CCNP Encor exam.

Replace our old switches with Meraki kit.

And hopefully get outside and see some of the world on the bike 🤞

Here to help

In the 2020 we have upgraded our Meraki LAN adding a new branch office and new access points. For 2021 I think that we will continue to add another new branch office, several access points and I hope to try some new IOT devices (I want to start measuring datacenter temperature) . 🙂

Here to help

I am working on learning the meraki API and postman and using PHP to create my own custom dashboard.  I am making a lot of mistakes, but learning a lot and already thinking about the rewrite for version 2 of my dashboard.


Create some Go bindings for the Meraki Dashboard API and then create an extension for OSQuery.

Kind of a big deal


Complete as many of the Meraki Black Belt training modules as possible.


And last longer than a few minutes in Verdansk in Warzone/CoD.


Just browsing

Spring cleaning of VLANs and documentation is first up for the year and then planning upgrades.

Comes here often

Currently looking into what custom dashboard integrations we can setup for customers to add value to their existing monitoring and provide a one screen dashboard for everything network but customized to what is important. Also wanting to deploy the anyconnect support this year as this will be very useful for our VPN connections and remove multiple gateways and points of failure.

New here

Complete DEVASC and ECMS2.

Here to help

I'm planning to clean and organize my VLANs IDs, try to have the same IDs policy in all sites, maybe is something too big :), I'd like to learn meraki APIs, increase security in our networks with MXs..

Hopefully getting some lifecycles done at customer sites although COVID is holding back some of the projects There are some quite old MS42 waiting for retirement Getting our first year trainees Meraki fit and our second year trainees into the next networking lab
Building a reputation

I'm going to look into Network Objects more, but mainly I'm trying to reduce the number of items I have to deal with. I have such a broad list of things that I'd like to cut them down so I can focus on the things that matter as opposed to a little of this and that.

Here to help

I love the new Network Objects. I hope they get incorporated wider than just the firewalls and the API supports them soon.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

UPDATE: this contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who shared their resolutions with us! Congrats to our 3 randomly selected winners: @raschank1@EB_HelenaMT, and @thilber!   

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