CMSS badges are here!

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We’re thrilled to announce CMSS course badges for your community profile! CMSS (Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist) is our advanced technical certification that recognizes your expertise in Cisco Meraki solutions and certifies your ability to plan, design, implement, and operate them. 


How do I get one of these?

Once you’ve passed the 90-minute 500-220 Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions exam, you can fill out the form to submit proof of your certificate* along with your Meraki Community display name. The team will apply badges weekly. 


*You will need to log in with a Google account to fill out the form.


Once your certification is verified, you’ll be awarded the badge below:


cmss badge.png


If you need help or don’t see your certification after seven days from submitting the form, please reach out to us at and we can assist!


What other badges are there?

If you’re curious to see what other badges are out there that you could earn, take a look at the master list of community badges!

Kind of a big deal

Awesome @AmyReyes 

Kind of a big deal

done! 🙂


Hi Amy, sounds Great!!!   I am working on getting the Meraki Certification Soon. Do you know of any free video training? 

Getting noticed

Whoop, already did those (ECMS1/2 and CMNA)






Will get this badge soon.😍

Comes here often

Done, looking forward to receiving the badge 😄

Community Manager

Hey @universal_man, great question! We do offer free video training at (you will have to log in to see those pages). We also have the Learning Spotlight blog here on the Meraki Community that features short video snippets of the longer classes offered, so you can preview them and find the ones you're most interested in. 


@Chris_Skees may have some specific recommendations for you if you're interested in certain topics. He's a part of our Learner Experience team! 

Meraki Employee

Hi @universal_man... those are great ideas from Amy. If you have any specific topics in mind just send me a message and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. The Learning Spotlight videos all have links to more modules and courses on the subject. So that is a great place to start! 

Kind of a big deal

"Earned by 13" so far ... Probably more to come. Now we only need a way to see who earned a specific badge. 🙂

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