[CHALLENGE ENDED] Gnome for the Holidays

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Excellent work everyone! Your creative Meraki season’s greetings warmed the gnomes’ (and our) hearts. Congrats to the randomly selected lucky winner @alemabrahao 🎉!


That's a wrap on this year's Gnome in the Home Challenge. Thanks to all who followed the gnomes' clues, and special congrats to our challenge winners! 


Happy Everything to Everyone—see you all in 2024!



MV and Switch have once more snuck in while I was distracted, only to disappear again after leaving behind a riddle for us. This time, though, the gnomes have something a little different in store for us! It seems they want to help spread a little holiday cheer throughout the Meraki Community by having us write our own season’s greetings. 


Have a look at their final challenge for us below:


In lieu of our last holiday clue, 

We wish instead to challenge you, 

To come up with a Meraki-themed greeting, 

That captures the feeling of this season so fleeting. 

Leave your response in a comment below, 

And help warm our spirits from head to toe


Meraki Gnomes switchmas tree.jpg


Something tells me they won’t mind if we take some creative liberties with their request. Maybe we can change the lyrics to some traditional carols to make them more Meraki-centric, à la the 12 Days of Switchmas? Or perhaps you have a Meraki-based holiday setup you can show off? I’m sure you’ll think of something good! 


Complete the gnomes’ final challenge by leaving a comment on this blog with your Meraki-themed greeting before December 12th at 11am ET. We’ll then draw one at random to win a pair of your very own Cisco Meraki Community gnome socks! 


Meraki Gnome socks.png


Terms, conditions, & eligibility info for Gnome in the Home

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