vMX and local status page - it's not there ?

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vMX and local status page - it's not there ?

Deploying vMX.
Thinking about external access inbound, I thought of allowing a static IP in for access to the local status page, in much the same way as a physical MX.
But there is no Network > General settings page where you would set credentials.


Can anyone confirm that you can't browse in like a hardware MX ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@swifty : I would say go with the below guide and hoping you are deploying in the Azure.



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Hi yes we have deployed in Azure.


2 things;

i. Unable to browse to the public IP

ii. There isn't the option to specify an external src IP in the 'Security Appliance services' section in firewall


Oddly enough if you bind the network to a template you can specify the IPs that can access the 'Web (local status & configuration)' page.


Have you tried this yourself ?

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