Custom ARM template for automated Meraki vMX 100 deployment in Azure


Custom ARM template for automated Meraki vMX 100 deployment in Azure

My organization has a need to automate vMX100 deployment implementing crucial components missing in the bare-bone Meraki deployment available through Azure Marketplace UI. We also need to integrate it as part of our automated deployment process and not manual UI clicking, regardless of however quick and simple it is.


Some of the offers on the Marketplace expose ARM templates and allow to integrate their deployment in our automated deployment process. I have not found this to be true for Meraki vMX. It deploys one Managed App that in turn deploys the VM+DISK+NIC+PubIP locking them.


I was able to outline a simple proof-of-concept ARM template successfully deploying Meraki vMX to Azure. However, there is no information available on how to supply Authorization Token to it. My initial assumption that it is an admin SSH key or password was not confirmed by testing.


Has anybody figured it out?





There is an ARM template available on the Meraki documentation page, under the CSP part here:


I hope this help.

Best Rgds,



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