Azure VMX Terrraform - AUTOMATION NOW!


Azure VMX Terrraform - AUTOMATION NOW!

It is really frustrating that we cannot use tools like Terraform to deploy VMX. I can deploy everything else including other virtual appliances like Palo Alto network virtual appliances with Terraform. AUTOMATION NOW!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Azure is so restrictive in this area compared to AWS.


Azure really limits how vendors can package up appliances and keep them secure.  Basically in Azure the only way a vendor can do this is to deny the customer access to almost everything.


On the plus side, I see Azure keep announcing features that AWS has had for 5+ years, so in another couple of years they should hopefully have caught up to where AWS was about 7 years ago.

Building a reputation

@PhilipDAth Has there been any update on this? 

I am looking for a way to stamp out vMX in Azure and was thinking Terraform also. Are there any other options?

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