Meraki wireless authentication Issue

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Meraki wireless authentication Issue

Hi Team,


can anyone confirm on Meraki wireless authentication through Azure AD ,or can we use authentication thru on-prem Radius server (windows NPS) Only .


wants to check best practice for radius authentication , using multiple meraki MR53 access point 


Best regards

Rahul kumar 


Kind of a big deal

Assuming you’re looking at doing 802.1x authentication, then your options are RADIUS (e.g. NPS), or Local Auth, which can be configured with an LDAP server for authentication services. If you’re looking to use Azure AD then you’ll need something that can ‘convert’ Azure AD to one of these, for instance a cloud RADIUS offering (e.g. JumpCloud), or the on-premises NPS offering.

Thanks Bruce


Could you pls. help with Best Practice Guide for authentication and also will be helpful if you can share  implementation and Troubleshooting Guide related to Radius /authentication thru 802.1x  as well 


Best Regards

Rahul Kumar 

How about this one @Rahulkumar?

Thank you so much 

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