Can you sell MG21 that's no longer being used?

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Can you sell MG21 that's no longer being used?

I have a customer that purchased a MG21 through us and 1 year licence while waiting for fibre to be fitted. That is now happening, so their 2Mb/s ADSL no longer needs a 80Mb/s 4G backup/primary for customer use. 


Licence is about to run out, and obviously no need to renew. They have asked if they can sell it on a popular auction site. I've never encountered this before. I assume this is OK so long as we un-claim it and make it clear the buyer needs a licence for it to function?


Does the warranty transfer when the buyer purchases just the licence through another partner?




Kind of a big deal

Officially the warranty is only valid for the original equipment owner, it doesn’t transfer if they sell it (I have heard of devices being replaced under warranty for the second owner if they have a valid license, but it can’t be guaranteed).


You can sell the device, but often you may find people reluctant to purchase them as they can’t be sure it isn’t claimed, and you can’t give them the serial number until they’ve purchased it (as they could just claim it and stop anyone from using it). If you do sell it they will need a license, so it’s good to let them know that. You should also advise whether it’s a -NA or -WW version as that will determine where it can be used (assuming you’re happy to ship overseas if requested).

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