Meraki Go End of Sale - April 2025

Meraki Go Team

Dear Meraki Go Community,


We greatly appreciate the loyalty and support from every one of you, your dedication to helping your fellow Meraki Go Community members, and sharing valuable feedback with us over the years.


As we look to the future, we will no longer be developing new Meraki Go products. To better serve your networking needs, we will continue innovating our Cisco Meraki portfolio to make it even more accessible to small businesses.


After April 29, 2025, Cisco will no longer sell Meraki Go products. Individual products may run out of stock sooner.


Note that your Meraki Go devices will continue to work indefinitely, and can be managed from the Meraki Go mobile app and web portal. Our support and warranty policies also remain the same. Meraki Go support will continue until July 30, 2027.  


To ensure a smooth transition, check out the FAQ below, including options for transitioning to our Cisco Meraki portfolio.

We will also have more updates coming in the near future – please stay tuned.


Looking back at our journey, Meraki Go would not be here without this community. We are grateful for all of you and appreciate your ongoing support.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns: We’re here to help you through this transition.


The Meraki Go Team

cc @ArtMarshall 



Meraki Go End-of-Life (EOL) dates


Meraki Go is committed to communicating important milestones throughout the EOL period, for example:

  • End-of-Sale (EOS) date: The last date to order the product through Meraki Go point-of-sale outlets. After this date, the product is no longer available for sale via any channel.
  • End-of-Support (EOST) date: The last date a product will be affirmatively supported by Meraki.

End-of-Sale milestones

  • End-of-Sale date: April 29, 2025 or until Meraki Go devices are sold out, whichever is sooner. Individual resellers may continue to sell Meraki Go products for a period of time after the End-of-Sale date.
  • End-of-Support date: July 30, 2027 or sooner. Find your warranty coverage period here. Please also refer to our Product End-of-Life (EOL) Policies documentations article.


Meraki Go End-of-Sale FAQs


Can I still purchase Meraki Go devices?

Meraki Go devices are still available on Amazon and through our Meraki Go partners in limited quantities.


Will my Meraki Go devices stop working?

Your Meraki Go devices are cloud-managed (with no licensing required) and will continue working indefinitely. You can continue to manage your Meraki Go networks through the Meraki Go mobile app and web portal.

Note: The Meraki Go web portal will only be available until July 30, 2027. 


Will anything change for getting support?

Our warranty coverage period and End-of-Support Date policies remain the same. Meraki Go support options are documented at You can also refer to our Product End-of-Life (EOL) Policies documentations article.


When will Meraki Go devices stop being supported?

Your Meraki Go devices will still be supported for the warranty period - until July 30, 2027 or sooner, based on your warranty coverage. Meraki Go warranty information is at


How can I grow my current Meraki Go network?

Meraki Go devices are still available on Amazon or through our Meraki Go partners in limited quantities.


Which Cisco Meraki devices are recommended as alternatives?

As a reminder, Meraki Go devices will continue to work indefinitely and can continue to be managed from the Meraki Go mobile app.


For enhanced network management options and richer features as you grow, we recommend transitioning to the Cisco Meraki platform e.g. advanced firewall features, more granular network controls, deeper analytics, a more expansive portfolio including cameras, sensors, endpoint management, APIs etc.


We recommend the following options for transitioning your current Meraki Go devices to Cisco Meraki devices.


1. Wireless Access Points

Meraki Go

Recommended Cisco Meraki Replacement

GR10 / GR12


GR60 / GR62



2. Firewalls & SD-WAN

Meraki Go

Recommended Cisco Meraki Replacement




MX67 / MX75


3. Switching

Meraki Go

Recommended Cisco Meraki or Cisco Business (CBS) Replacement


Cisco Business Switching family e.g. CBS220

GS110 (managed)

MS130  (alternatively CBS250 or CBS350)


Note: Cisco Meraki devices are managed separately from Meraki Go devices. Cisco Meraki devices are managed via the Meraki dashboard, and require software licensing to be operable.


Where can I find a reseller for Cisco Meraki products?

Use our Cisco Partner Locator to find a Cisco Meraki certified partner you can purchase Meraki devices from.


You can also reach out to the Cisco Meraki Sales team to start a free product trial on any Meraki products. Contact the Meraki team here.


To try out the Meraki dashboard, you can get a free demo here.

A model citizen

Thank you for the information.

To know Meraki Go is discontinued solves some issues.

A model citizen

I’m sad to see this announcement but at least we have an official statement. It’s been great to work with the support team and I wish you all the very best. 

Here to help

We appreciate getting some answers, thank you! @MiriamGo Will there be any trade-in offer to upgrade to the Meraki gear listed?



Cisco / Meraki Go /Meraki.....

Since no one has posted any message so far with outrage and or anger, I'll lead the way... This is the second strike that Cisco is pulling on SMB, first Linksys and now Meraki Go! 

The announcement that was posted last Saturday about "Meraki Go End of Sale" was something most of us users saw coming but Cisco lacked once again by discontinuing an SMB product line and leaving small business customers high and dry. 

One would think that Cisco would at least have common decency in assisting current SMB owners and users of Meraki Go with the transition to the Meraki Enterprise product line in the form of I don't know, maybe a real firmware update on the Meraki Go products to match the Meraki product line equivalent? Or open up the system, "OpenWRT" doesn't seem like a bad idea at the moment...

I don't see why this should be an issue since Cisco is an IT company and has control of all the Meraki Go products currently in use as all of the products are connected to Meraki Cloud, so I do not see the issue with why the Meraki Go product suite cannot be integrated into the Meraki Enterprise family. 

Meraki Go never really had a chance of succeeding due to many factors and lacking what we as customers can do with the hardware and software that for some lots of $$$ or €€€ that has been invested and to get stuck with minimal and expensive hardware that by today internet standards and speed is already outdated.

Switches max speed 1GB, GX 50 500MB, and we are supposed to keep using these already outdated switches while broadband/fiber speeds are already available at 5GB. From the start when only the mobile app was available for managing and setup was not well received, i mean not everybody wants to be attached to a mobile phone and is obligated to use only the mobile option.

When the web version was released it never got better, with limitations compared to other brands who are offering so much more for the same market segment and price comparison, Meraki Go was left behind, and we are obligated to use the minimal options for managing our network, port forwarding is a joke the way it is set up, we cannot update or upgrade any of the hardware our self. When Linksys was around we had more possibilities to manage hardware compared to Meraki Go. 

Now, that this product has come to an end, it is unacceptable to expect customers to start a new investment in Meraki Enterprise without compensating for the upgrade. Specifying the equivalent with this hardwith with the upgrade hardware, nice try!

Cisco has to get this right - there is a reason why a lot of us opted for Meraki Go products, the design is flawless, and it is backed by Cisco's technology, and many of us were not happy with how we were able to manage our network and hardware. It is easy to say, oh well upgrade to Meraki Enterprise, Cisco SMB product is also fantastic, maybe I don't know look into options for transitioning Meraki Go to Cisco SMB as the cost for Meraki is just out of control? Mind the design isn't flawless but at least it won't be discontinued!

I've had so many issues with this product line, to the point where I have replaced everything from the firewall to switches to AP, connected Linksys products, and they worked fantastico!, but having spent $10K on Meraki Go hardware and seeing them not in use I gave it another chance and removed Linksys and connected Meraki Go again. And don't forget the lack of customer service and technical service. One can never get a hold of technical support, I mean common guys, come through !!!

We as customers would have loved to have the option to have paid technical support if that was too much to ask. Anywho, I am done. How can one continue with outdated hardware and say that it will keep working indefinitely, of course it will. I have old Cisco Linksys WRT routers that are working fabulously serving a specific function flashed with other firmware. 

The End.


A model citizen


I respect your views and on a couple of points, I agree with you. The ability to "pay" for support would have been a good option along with the time to first response when contacting support, and selfishly speaking internal switching speeds. 

I think where I am left confused is additional support or 3rd party development on the hardware. If it is possible that effort belongs to the community that wants to hack the hardware in question. You also bring up WRT on older hardware for your customers (I assume) feels less supported than anything M-Go offered.

Seeing hardware is never a joyous event, but at least customers have two-plus years to find a new direction to go and implement. If you are upset about how M-Go is handling this winddown take a look at the forums at U_ and their USG line. 

Again, you do have the right to be upset along with the right to express displeasure but I hope you can take a step back and see admins didn't get completely blindsided.


I'm not sure who in marketing is dealing with products for SMBs, but Cisco has a gap in route when they dropped the RV router line. As someone who consults or installs networks the clients that would invest in M-Go or Cisco Small Business wouldn't be the best fit for Meraki proper. The licensing is the show stopper, and once admins look for a single pane of glass option or consistent UI design admins will start to move to other vendors.

Meraki Go Team

I can't add much to what Miriam has already posted but I wanted to thank you all for the feedback.

I've loved how each of you have been so engaged in the product line. I've been the product manager for the last two years while you have given us clear and direct thoughts and we really do appreciate that. 

Here to help

@GroupeBleu - I agree with you and its why I only have one client still using Meraki go access points and have moved all my smaller clients that don't need a full enterprise solution to Aruba InstantOn instead.  The Aruba InstantON Ap's and Access Points have been rock solid and actually supported by Aruba.  When I saw Meraki not producing any new switches and no POE switches ever instock I was not going to keep investing in a product Cisco clearly did not care about.   Engenius FIT is also one I have in testing right now seeing how the AP's and Switches do for small clients as it has a great pricepoint as well

Its fitting since I have started moving all my clients off all Meraki products now.  The way Meraki handles its Hardware so that its useless outside of the original purchaser to the how they are now inflating licensing costs and making features that require additional licenses I am done.  


I have both Fortigate and Watchguard security appliances here that they sent me free of charge to test out to see what I am going to replace dozens of MX's as the lic's expire.   And have TP Link Omada and Engenius Mgig switches and AP's being tested to replace the other meraki hardware.  

Its sad but after a decade plus of pushing Meraki, its dead to me now.  Even my home network which is a full meraki stack of MX95, MS355-24x, MS125-24p, MR56(x3), MR57, MR86(x2) and numerous MV72's have less than 400 days till licensing ends and will be replaced as well.  It is nice having the single interface to manage everything but the new charge for ever feature and screw the customer mentality of Cisco makes it a tough pill to swallow.  


Thankfully I have a few clients that don't mind testing new systems and are OK with being the test bed for replacements.  Its how we moved to Aruba InstantON from merakiGo and Ubiquity on smaller sites.  

I am hoping TP Links Omada impresses me and is reliable as it has a great pricepoint and could even see it replacing InstantON hardware.  Engenius I am sure will be great but it tends to have a higher pricepoint on its more enterprise hardware which is fine for replacing meraki but is harder to justify for replacing merakiGO unless you are going with the Engenius FIT lineup which is less features and pretty much just like MerakiGo



Here to help


aside from a few quirks this has to be my favourite bit of SME kit for those low scale deployments that don't need all the cool stuff in full fat Meraki with all the extra licensing costs.

i think an option with a lower hardware and little or no licensing costs would be preferred in these its hard to justify the huge price gap to full-fat Meraki gateways.

HPE still offer the lightweight Aruba AP solution but no gateways (that i would trust versus anything Cisco - aside from the odd high CVSS vulns)


Gonna miss the gateways as they were again a good option to get clients on platform without the huge cost of licences and complex configs


Just finding this out now, 3 weeks late to the news (stumbled upon browsing the Community Forums). This sucks. Spent a lot of $$$$ equiping my home and supporting my wife's small biz and our home wifi/network. I've been super happy with it. Way more stable than the Asus mesh network setup I had prior at my old house. But this sucks. I too am curious about a trade in program, because after 2027, these are essentially paper weights to me. 😞

Here to help

@MiriamGo @ArtMarshall - I just wanted to check back into see if any upgrade incentives are to be offered and how long the Security License will be around. I did email and followed-up and also haven't heard back.


I'm curious what our options will be for SMBs/SOHO as I requested a quote from a vendor for the MX67 and a license that supported content filtering and the price would be prohibitive to most SMB/SOHO users.

Meraki Go Team

Thank you all for the feedback so far and for all of your support for Meraki Go.

@vfxraven19 thanks for the comments. We have no plans to disconnect Meraki Go hardware at this time, even in 2027. 


@jesseb514 we are working on the trade in / trade up plans with partners. Once we have more information, we will definitely share it here!


The 1 year security license will be available for purchase through April 2025. 

Here to help

@ArtMarshall - I just wanted to follow-up to see if any information could be provided about upgrade incentives. Thanks!

Meraki Go Team

Hi @jesseb514 we don't have anything in place yet but we are still working on this. It may take some time as Meraki Go is still available for sale.

Stay tuned.