Meraki Go 2.51.0 now on iOS, Android, and web

Meraki Go Team

Meraki Go app v2.51.0 is now available on iOS, Android, and web. 


Release Notes: 

- Device photos can saved in the app when viewing hardware settings

- Review outages and statistics on the new health tab!

- Added the Default VLAN (wired network) to the networks list

- General stability fixes and improvements


*NEW* See outages and statistics in the Health tab

Now can see more network statics from the new Health tab. Including: 


  • Network summary: review your network uptime percentage for the past week, and see devices that are online/offline/alerting or networks that are offline. 
  • Wireless latency: measured in milliseconds, latency tells you how quickly your network is running. See which range of three latency ranges it falls into (in milliseconds): <32ms, <32-255ms, or >256 ms. 
  • Failed network connections: review any problematic connections in each of your networks.  

From the mobile app, simply click on the Health tab after you login to your Meraki Go account to review your statics and any outages. 





Save device photos in the hardware settings

To help you better visualize and track your Meraki Go devices, you can now upload or take a photo of each device and save it as the "mounting photo" for that device.


From the mobile app or web portal, click on the Hardware tab, select a device > click on Settings at the top > add a Mounting Photo > either by selecting from your photo gallery or taking a new photo. 





Download Meraki Go on iOS or Android, or log into the web portal


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Both the webpage and the iOS app are having issues today. Crashing under settings, cannot block. Anyone else seeing this?