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We are a builders merchant and have lots of Kitchen showrooms in our stores. They are getting in products such as smart ovens and Amazon Alexa devices to control them which we need to join to an SSID so they will work. The devices need to be on the same network and need to be able to communicate with each other for this to happen. I tried this on our guest Meraki network which is using NAT mode but the devices cannot communicate to each other on that network by design from Meraki (forgot before I tried).


Does anyone know the next best option taking into account we would rather not have these unmanageable devices on our corporate network, the other solutions I can think of are to create a new SSID maybe using bridged mode for one of the devices and set an internal IP then allow the guest network to communicate to that one IP on the LAN. Was just wondering if anyone else had any other alternative ideas for this scenario.



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If they have to be on the network I would create a VLAN for Smart devices if possible that's the quickest and easiest without having to complicate too much and tag the SSID to that VLAN. 

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Separate SSID/vlan would be the easiest way to add these devices.


Ideally you could do MAC authentication with an external Radius server and assign Vlans per device with a group policy.

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Separate vlan. Make sure you firewall it off from the rest of your network. If the devices need to talk to each other, don't enable wireless client isolation.

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