MX67C and MX68CW

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MX67C and MX68CW


Nice to see Meraki recognizing 4G as more that just a backup.


Has it been considered adding this feature to the built-in cellular modems inside the MX67C and MX68CW to be used as a primary uplinks for WAN 1 or WAN 2 


I have deployments that would benefit from this feature where cellular can be primary and satellite as secondary currently have to use an additional 4G modem in passthrough for this type of deployment. 


Does not make sense to me having to use additional MG when I have a perfectly fine CAT6 LTE modems in these devices already to have a full stack Meraki cloud managed solution. 

Kind of a big deal

No. That's one of the reasons they made the MG line. For the MX it's a regular WAN connection so you can use it however you like. The restrictions for the built in cellular are still the same.

Kind of a big deal

Another advantage to the MG line are those times when your firewall sits in a server closet with cement block or metal walls, and you need to stick your antenna someplace that isn't awful for radiofrequencies. I've got more than one client who can't use a cellular connection on their firewall unless we can put the antenna elsewhere.

Kind of a big deal

Built in cellular on those devices was intended to be used for failover only and not as primary uplink. When you start using it that way you will start to see the limitations.

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