Layer 3 Roaming Test - Unreachable AP's

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Layer 3 Roaming Test - Unreachable AP's

Hello all.  First time poster here! 😀


We recently deployed a ~675 access points (MR30H) at our university in a Residence Hall network upgrade.  We configured the SSID's to be in Layer 3 Roaming Mode.  When running the Layer 3 Roaming Test, I randomly get anywhere from 18-34 A/P's as "unreachable".  Nothing notable in the event log(s) When I check on each individual A/P listed, they are online and not having issues.  It seems to be the same A/P's that show up on the test, but if I run the test say 5 times, I'll get 5 different numbers on what's unreachable, and some drop or are added to the list each time - never more than 34 A/P's have failed the test.


One notable item in our configuration/setup is each MR30H is offering it's own VLAN (VLAN-per-room) to clients, but I don't believe that would be a factor here - I would expect if that was the cause it would be an all-or-nothings type of scenario with the Layer 3 Roaming.


I've rebooted the A/P's, re-tagged them, deleted and re-created the interfaces they were connected to, and checked the switch port configurations the A/P's are plugged into, and nothing sticks out.  Each of the A/P's that are "not reachable" on the test are connected to switches where all the other devices are reachable by the test.  The entire network is Meraki (MX450 security appliances, MS425 "Aggregate", and MS250 "Access"), and our basic implementation plan was reviewed by our Meraki sales/engineering team and our MSP before deployment, and all seemed okay.


I've opened a support case for this, but wanted to get some feedback to see if others have seen this, and any troubleshooting tips while I communicate with TAC on this.  Perhaps this is just a bug?

Thanks in advance!

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