tp-link poe injector on a Meraki

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tp-link poe injector on a Meraki

good morning I have a question about whether it can be used or if it is advisable to use a tp-link poe injector on a Meraki MR 42

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As long as the injector is 802.3at and 1000Base-T compliant you should be fine to use it 🙂

Thank you friend for your answer would be 802 .3af or is 802.3at

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You are correct, my mistake. 802.3.
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It depends. Some older tp-link APs used only “passive PoE” which is not compatible with the standard. If the output voltage is 24V, then certainly not.
You should check if the injector supports any POE standard (*802.3af/at).

The poe injector  one I have is the 48v will work

To be considered compliant with 802.3af or at, the midspan must deliver between 48 and 57 Volts.

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