revert ap from site survey mode to normal mode


revert ap from site survey mode to normal mode

Hi guys, hope you are great.


I've a MR74 in site survey mode, and I need to revert to normal mode.

I only need to do the hard reset through the reset button, or have to do anything else?



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Luis Matos

Kind of a big deal

Can't you just disable it again via the local status page?

It's difficult because the AP is already installed and it's very difficult to connect the laptop there.

Kind of a big deal

Unfortunately for a factory reset you need physical access to the device as well.


Isn't there an ethernet cable connected to the AP, if yes, it has to end up somewhere right? Why don't you connect the laptop there? 

Kind of a big deal

The AP will still be sending it's survey SSID with the MAC address in it.
Just connect to it using a laptop and browse to
Login using it's serial or local login if you have set any and then just put site survey mode on disable.

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