passing VLANs to wifi with MS250s and Extreme AP4000 APs

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passing VLANs to wifi with MS250s and Extreme AP4000 APs

we're using MS250s at firmware version MS 14.33.1.

It is our intent to use Extreme Cloud IQ wifi with AP4000s on our Meraki switches.

I am having no luck getting the APs to pass the VLANs to the Clients.  The APs will connect and show up in XIQ, will broadcast whatever SSIDs that are in the network policy, authenticate clients and then fail to pass them to DHCP.

I've tried trunk ports with native vlan we've built for network devices and SSID vlans allowed, access ports in the AP VLAN with SSID vlans tagged, as well as some stuff I know wouldn't work.  Someone please help.

Kind of a big deal

There's no secret, in Meraki things are a little different, but it's still a switch like the others (the logic is the same). Who is your DHCP server?

If you configure an MS port on one of the VLANs, are you able to get an IP address?

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We're using Windows DHCP with scopes for each VLAN.  We're running several VLANs and all will pull addresses in their proper scopes and get internet and local resources.  We've got phones on the voice VLAN with bridges in them working fine and passing the data vlan to the PCs plugged in on the other side.  Everything is working BUT the WLANs.

If the SSID is configured for vlan 1, DHCP works but puts the wifi client in the same DHCP scope as the AP. 

It's probably an Access point configuration issue. Do have a Wireless controller or are your APs autonomous?

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Maybe describe how you'd set up a switchport on an MS250 for a multi vlan/ssid access point?

These are new out of the box, Extreme Cloud IQ is the controller, and we have literally dozens working with the same config on powerconnect switches.

As I said there is no secret:




I think you have to open a case with Extreme. It does not look like a Meraki issue.


I tried the config you showed, I guess I'll reach out to extreme.

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One thing to ensure is that if you're assigning vlans to clients via the Extreme Networks WAP you don't want that same vlan as native on the Meraki switch port.

Thanks for that, confirmed different VLANs from native on the SSIDs.

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Update: from our Dell Powerconnect switches we can spin up literally any wifi policy with no issues on any of the new AP4000s.

On the Merakis, we can get the VLAN'ed SSIDs to work on a trunk port on an ap245x but we lose the AP in the cloud controller.  That's not acceptable.  Still testing...

Are Dell switch and MS switch in the same place?  Probably you are forgetting some config, I suggest you review all your connections before the Access point.


If is possible share your topology.

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Thanks to everyone who replied, I appreciate the prompt feedback. For what it's worth, we did finally get it to work by simply allowing all VLANs on the trunk with the desired native VLAN and the VLANs for the SSIDs tagged. See screenshot:


Clients are now receiving proper VLAN and DHCP scope, APs are visible in the XiQ Cloud management portal.
Thanks again all.

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