mDNS bonjour gateway custom service definitions

Kind of a big deal

mDNS bonjour gateway custom service definitions

Is there a reason why you cannot enter custom service definitions?


I have a customer who uses non-Apple devices for screen presenting and they seem to use _googlecast._tcp.local and _airtame._tcp.local as service definitions.

However they also need guest users on the guest SSID to be able to present.

This works by directly using the IP of the screen (we allowed unicast on the MX), however we can't list the screens for some reason.


When I put All services in the configuration I can see responses coming in on the wire of an access point but I'm not sure it actually gets sent in the air since the AP packet capture only goes inbound.  So I'm not exactly sure if the all services actually works.


However even if it does work I would prefer if you could still limit the kinds of devices that are available on the guest Wi-Fi.  You can configure stuff like this on a Cisco classic environment so why not on Meraki?

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Re: mDNS bonjour gateway custom service definitions

This would be useful for us as well. 

We have 3d printers, chromecasts, firesticks, streaming cameras, and other devices that all rely on mDNS.
It would be extremly useful to be able to mDNS forward these discovery requests to other vlans / wLANs.


Or at the very least add some of these other mDNS strings.  


I would also be useful to supress mDNS on a VLAN, like you can do with cisco WLC. 


IE: I want to be able to control what mDNS wLAN users can share with other wLAN users. 

Like I don't want them to be able to share air printers.

while also, at the same time, being able to share air printers from a wired vlan. 

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