looking for documentation for mr33 antenna coverage

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looking for documentation for mr33 antenna coverage

I am looking for documentation for mr33 antenna coverage and can find nothing online. Anyone know where to look?

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Best there is the documentation that they provide, it has the radiation pattern. Since each environment is vastly different, the AP will behave very differently. What kind of information are you looking for?

If you mean distance, there is no number that can be specified for a given antenna.  All antennas have an azimuth chart (top-down or aerial view) and an elevation chart (side view) that show relative signal strength from one location to another around the antenna.  The Azimuth and Elevation ratings define the beamwidth, or radiation-pattern angle, that is contained between the two points where the radiated power is reduced by 3 dB (half the power) when compared to the peak power point. 


Take a peek at the MR33 data sheet, and let us know if there's any confusion interpreting the charts. 


To get an idea of the actual distance, the simplest way is to associate to any SSID on a Meraki AP and point a browser to my.meraki.com or ap.meraki.com and that will take you to the local status page on the AP.  You'll be able to see your client's address and connection info, your data rate, see the channels your on, along with channel utilization in somewhat real time and even run a simple speed test.  You can walk around and basically do your own mini site survey of sorts.  Nothing too sophisticated, just a simple tool built right into the AP.  But it'll give you an idea of what kind of distances and connection rates you'll get.


Hope that helps!


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