issue when connect with Ubuntu OS

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issue when connect with Ubuntu OS

Hi all,


We are having a problem with many laptop running Ubuntu OS that often disconnects wifi, then automatically reconnects or has to turn on/off the wifi card to normal activity.


Previously we used Cisco Aironet 1850 series without this problem. Also, users connecting to their home network don't have this problem.


This problem only occurs on laptops running Ubuntu OS, but Windows and Mac OS do not have the above situation.


What might be the root cause here/ how to solve this problem?


Merakis AP's are running MR42/56 - Firmware 27.6

Laptop model HP Probook G series


Tks all !

Kind of a big deal

If the Windows systems are using the same HP Probook G series without issue, then you can basically rule out hardware - so the laptop and the Meraki access points. So it comes down to the configuration and the drivers. I would start by looking at the drivers for the WiFi on the Ubuntu systems and see if there are updates available there, then see if you can spot any configuration differences between the Ubuntu systems and the Mac (since as they are both Linux variants).

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@luanvh check the wireless chipsets in the Ubuntu laptops, if they are Intel WiF5 chipsets (826x, 926x) then see if they are okay when plugged into the power.  If they are then check for power saving settings in the wireless drivers and disable Mu-MIMO /SIMD power saving first, then all power savings if that doesn't work.  There seems to be an issue when those kick in that causes packet loss, performance drops and then effective disconnection.

Hi @cmr , I tried disabling wireless power management (wifi.powersave) and disabling IPv6 on Ubuntu OS, but it didn't solve the problem. Also,I can't disable Mu-MIMO, I don't think Mu-MIMO should be turned off because it's a technology that greatly improves WiFi reliability.

Thank you for sharing the information!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@luanvh did you try with the power supply connected to the laptop?

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