internet not working through one SSID

Getting noticed

internet not working through one SSID

Hi Team, 


I have created two SSID's, through one SSID internet is working, but when i connect user with another SSID, user is able to connect on the same, but internet not working.


We have deployed, only Meraki MR device, rest is non-meraki setup.


Please support.




Kind of a big deal

Both SSIDs are on the same VLAN? What type of authentication are you using?

Getting noticed

Both SSID's on different vlan, Authentication is PSK. with WPA3 transition mode. For problematic SSID i have configured two vlan's Vlan 25 and Vlan 30.



Have you configured the switch port on mode trunk? Have you configured vlan tagging on ssid? Can you share your configuration?

Kind of a big deal

If you are going to multiple VLAN's you'll need to troubleshoot the wired LAN first.
- Are your clients getting an IP -> if not, check DHCP and link to DHCP server
- Can you ping your gateway -> if not, check layer 2 issues

- Can you get to the entire -> if not, check your firewall policies.

Kind of a big deal

It sounds like something isn't configured properly on your switch ports. If you untag a port as the VLAN thats not working and plug directly into it do you get internet?
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