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iOS devices

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iOS devices



Bit of a newbie so please bear with me as I am learning as I go along.


We are in the middle of upgrading our wifi for our office network and our guests using an MX68 and a combination of MR20's and MR74's.


All is going swimmingly apart from all our Apple products are suffering with some sort of lag. This affects any app that requires a constant connection including Facetime and wifi calling. The connection just seems to drop for 5 or so seconds then connects again. There are no reports in the Meraki dashboard and all other devices work fine.


We have tried  scouring Google and many different setting all to no effect and I am now struggling so any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thank you.



Kind of a big deal

Re: iOS devices

Is the SSID in bridge-mode or NAT mode?

What version iOS is running? Saw reports recently that apple devices having lots of cellular and wireless issues
Nolan Herring |
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Re: iOS devices

Thank you for the reply.


All devices are up to date 12.1 I think and the ssid is in bridge mode

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Re: iOS devices

Without additional details and knowing all the aspects of the configuration, I'd suggest opening a case with Meraki Support, for a quick triage of your overall wireless configurations.  Feel free to add additional details here and we can try to help, but there are many variables and it might require a live troubleshooting call.  Support would be able to quickly review your settings including things like radio settings, client balancing, 802.11r operations, do a quick firmware scrub against the issue you're seeing, among other things.  It might also speed resolution if you're on a live call while they perform troubleshooting while the issue is occurring or reproduced.  

New here

Re: iOS devices

Thank you,


We spoke to the live last week and they upgraded the AP's to a beta version that they are using but that was no help.


I think we will have to go back to them tomorrow.


Some of the setting at the moment just to see if you can spot any mistakes! :-


Client balancing is on

Auto channel

Band steering is off

802.11r is disabled


Support did a packet download while my Ipad was running, it paused 3 times but they could not see the issue. After reading your link I may try and put one of the Ipads back to ios 11 and see if that works. Mind you I found an old iphone 4 in a drawer yesterday, powered it up, connected to the same AP and it was fine!


I must thank you for your time.



Re: iOS devices

Was a solution ever found to this??  We are having this EXACT same issue with MR42 AP's at a customer and see no setting that would resolve this.

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