bulk user creation

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bulk user creation

hi all,


wondering if anyone knows of a solution for bulk creation of nearly 200 user accounts as local meraki users for meraki authentication on an SSID


would love to be using RADIUS but not possible in this scenario unfortunately 😞




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Re: bulk user creation

I am 99.9% sure there is no easy method to do this.  You would have to do a tricky hack like writing a script to work with the HTML pages directly on the Dashboard bypassing the API.  Nasty and tricky.


Have you consider using Systems Manager?  If you use WPA2 and certificate based authentication it can automatically deploy the certificates onto the devices.



Kind of a big deal

Re: bulk user creation

Sadly as @PhilipDAth mentioned there is no easy way. Submit a feature request for the future but that won't help you now sorry. While most people use some form of authentication service i.e. Radius or LDAP they probably haven't bothered, that said I don't think it would be hard for them to implement and doing so would give SMB customers who don't have auth servers options.


Give the job to someone as punishment? 

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