Wireless intermittent drop issue.

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Wireless intermittent drop issue.

There are 2 MR33 Access Points deployed in a medium size office, which both of the APs are put at the end of both sides.


Users complained that there will always be intermittent drop when using the WIFI connection, even though it is just a few seconds drop and it connects back automatically, it still cause the trouble to users.


Suspect there is the interference among the channels, but as i checked from Meraki, it has all been automatically set for the channels already.

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Many questions here.

Have you done a survey in the office?

Are the problems seen in a specific area, or all the office?

Do all the users have the problem or specific devices?

Have you seen the problem occurring?


One can expect the users in the middle of the office, occasionally roam from one AP to another causing their disconnection (which may be even worse if using DHCP on the AP for your SSIDs).


Kind of a big deal

Are you using "bridge" mode?


If you use NAT mode (such as for guests) and you roam you loose any existing TCP connections.

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