Wireless firmware versions MR 26.6 changelog


Wireless firmware versions MR 26.6 changelog


  • Added a delay mechanism to RADIUS Accounting-Start packets so that the MR can learn the newly obtained IP address of the client and insert into Framed-IP-Address attribute. Previously, Framed-IP-Address attribute contained for newly connected clients. Contact Support for this functionality. (All MRs)


  • Additional stability patches implemented for MR26, MR32, MR34, MR72

Bug fixes

  • Download throughput regression when MR negotiated mGig speeds with upstream switch port (802.11ax MRs)
  • Fixes for various conditions that could lead to the MR rebooting (802.11ax MRs)
  • Receipt of DELBA frame from client leading to packet loss on 2.4 GHz radio (802.11ax MRs)
  • Unexpected beacon behavior & instability following a channel change (802.11ax MRs)
  • Degraded mesh throughput for repeaters after the mesh gateway upgraded to MR26.x firmware while the repeater is still on MR25.x firmware (802.11ac Wave 2/ 802.11ax MRs)
  • 802.11ax MR's unable to mesh with non-802.11ax MR's operating on MR25.x firmware (All MRs)
  • Clients may be unable to receive traffic for a given type of traffic (QoS TID) when entering power save mode (MR26/MR32/MR34/MR72)
  • MRs may begin operating as 802.11n after DFS event (802.11ac Wave 2 MRs / 802.11ax MRs)
  • Group policy not applying to clients immediately after MR boot (802.11ax MRs)

Known issues

  • Downstream VOIP RTP Packet Loss (MR42/MR42E/MR52/MR53/MR53E/MR84)
  • Sporadic packet loss & instability on Layer 3 roaming & Teleworker VPN SSID's (All MRs)
  • Reduced aggregate upload throughput on 2.4GHz radio for Windows clients (802.11ax MRs)
  • EAPOL Key 3 is not sent from AP to 802.11b/g clients on PSK SSIDs (802.11ax MRs)

'Issue under investigation where DHCP intermittently fails for bridge mode SSIDs (MR32)' under the known issues from MR 26.5 is missing. Wondering if it's fixed and testing on 1 lab MR32.

Getting noticed

Dumb question: are the parenthetical model numbers exhaustive? It looks more generic than in prior versions.


We've got very similar problems on APs models not listed. Most specifically this Known Issue that I'm guessing we initially reported:


EAPOL Key 3 is not sent from AP to 802.11b/g clients on PSK SSIDs (802.11ax MRs)

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