Will a mx64w work off of copper DSL connection

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Will a mx64w work off of copper DSL connection

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Yes, Meraki works fine with DSL.


If your ISP  use PPPoE you should read this though: https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Other_Topics/Support_for_PPPoE_on_Cisco_Mer...



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The MX series only has Ethernet ports.  So to plug it into an ADSL circuit (or anything other than pure Ethernet) you need a router in front of it.

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Good point Philip. I was assuming that the OP would have been provided a modem that would connect to the MX via ethernet. Darned assuming anyways.

We use our MX65 connected to the old (6+ years) Openreach modem for BT fibre, works a treat. 

@PhilipDAth wrote:

The MX series only has Ethernet ports.  So to plug it into an ADSL circuit (or anything other than pure Ethernet) you need a router in front of it.

Fortunately, a router is NOT required.


What is required is a modem.


I have an MX64 that uplinks to a Draytek Vigor 130 (annex A and firmware configured ex mfg as modem only, PPPoE and PPPoA bridging). I am on a VDSL2 connection (FTTC), which is faster version of ADSL, which the Vigor 130 also handles. It also allows Baby Jumbo packets to be passed, so if you optimes pacvket sizes from device, to switch to MX to modem to ISP correctly, browsing is noticeably snappier, especially on older equipment.


The MX handles PPPoE correctly.


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

Over 150 successful mx64w deployments with DSL or Cable modems...works great although sync sometimes drops at even slight isp hiccups, requires local power cycle of mx and/or modem is all.

I am trying to setup a MX67 which is connected to a Netgear 6220 router. The Netgear D6220 is setup to act as modem only i.e. in bridge mode and MX67 is setup to connect to connect using PPPoE. 


However, the MX67 does not connect to internet at all. The lights on D6220 blink and stabilise but the internet comes up lit in red.


Internet works fine if I setup Netgear as modem+router without any issues.


Any advice?

From the MX67 Documentation

Setting PPPoE

PPPoE authentication may be required if you are connecting MX device to a DSL circuit. You need to know your authentication option and credentials (supplied by your ISP) in order to complete these steps.

  • Choose Connection Type > PPPoE.
  • Select your Authentication option.
  • If you select Use authentication, enter appropriate values for Username and Password.
Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

I have already configured the MX device in accordance with this. So connection type is set to PPPoE, no username and password has been provided as ISP does not needs credentials to be specified and IP Assignment is set as auto.


With these settings MX device is unable to connect. The internet light on the Netgear router remains Red. I believe it has something to do with the Bridge mode settings on the Netgear router. Please shed some light, if anyone has experience with setting it up.


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

Thanks @Uberseehandel. The MX67 is already setup as per this screenshot.

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