WiFi - Local Auth getting lots of EaPol time outs ?

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WiFi - Local Auth getting lots of EaPol time outs ?

Hello All,


Strange one we have moved over to using Local Auth with LDAP certficate vertfication.


We are having lots of authenication issues with reason EAPOL time out. 


Has anyone seen this before ?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @DanielRobson,

A wireless packet capture taken on one of the affected clients or on the access point can be filtered for EAPoL traffic to initially determine which of the EAPoL packets may be failing to be exchanged in the 4-way handshake, as this is one typical cause of EAPoL timeouts.

To perform a wireless packet capture on the client device, please see the steps provided in the Capturing Wireless Traffic from a Client Machine documentation.

To perform a wireless capture on the access point(s), please see the steps provided in the following documentations:
Access Point Tx Captures

 2. Collect wireless captures when only Meraki APs are available

For assistance with performing and/or analyzing these captures, please feel free to open a case with Meraki Support by navigating in the dashboard to Get help > Cases > New Case or by following the steps provided in the Contact Cisco Meraki Support document here.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Those Tx captures do need alot of work though when it comes to ordering the packets correctly. 😉  I tried to see the full 4way handshake and it was all over the place 😉

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