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WPA3 ? How long until Meraki devices are capable?

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WPA3 ? How long until Meraki devices are capable?

Does anyone have information about a timeline for deploying WPA3 in Meraki access points?

Kind of a big deal

Re: WPA3 ? How long until Meraki devices are capable?

I would not hold my breath.


Here are some links relevant to the subject:





Even if they did come out with a firmware upgrade for specific models that could in theory support it, say tomorrow, it won't do you any good. I don't know of any clients that support it. The only enhancement I'm personally interested in is OWE and thankfully that mostly software not hardware, so I see that being something that can be easily pushed. However it is an 'optional' thing for WPA3 which is stupid, so vendors are not required to provide support for it. The only one so far I'm aware of is Aruba. I would honestly be shocked if Meraki doesn't provide it, but they also don't provide IKEv2 for the MX so who knows lol.


This whole process is going to take years, not to mention having to go through all the bugs along the way. There will be many I'm sure, and I have no interest in being on the front lines lol.

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