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WIFI MAC Whitelisting STILL breaks

Getting noticed

WIFI MAC Whitelisting STILL breaks

I have an organization that using MAC whitelist to control company's Android tablets.

But, recently some client got splash screen even though it's already whitlisted.

When such client pops up, I have to switch it to normal one and add whitelist again to work properly.


So, I searched high and low, and found this thread.


It was same situation with me. Some replys suggests to use Group Policy, and sure I did.

But even clients with Group Policy still have same problem - users arbitrary get splash screen even it's in whitelist or group plicy with bypass splash.


And end of thread, it's because of Meraki's backend problem. But when I asked about it to Meraki TAC, they only says "It's not exact on which particular issue, case or bug identification number. What I can suggest is if to call us immediately when issue occurs so we can trace where is the issue is happening."


So, it's been 7 months after last reply. Does anybody knows about breaking MAC whitelisting and Group Policy situation's updates?

Getting noticed

Re: WIFI MAC Whitelisting STILL breaks


I think the better option in this case to open a Meraki TAC case, again. I think you will get better answers from the TAC then from the forum in case of a possible backend issue.

Probably they know already the solution, but needs to apply on a case to case basis.
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