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Using a wired client with an MR12

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Using a wired client with an MR12

I am trying to connect a wired printer to the second port of an MR12.  The dashboard shows the MAC address but cannot contact the printer either leaving the DHCP or with a fixed IP address in the same network as the AP.  The LAN is configured in Bridge mode.  Any experience with this setup?


Kind of a big deal

Re: Using a wired client with an MR12

We were having a discussion yesterday about this in another topic. I suppose one of the ports is connected to a switch and the other to the printer? We're not sure it's supported without having support change some settings. But it might be.


Can you check the following setting in Network/General, if it's set to Have no access, change it and have them appear connected to the SSID of your choice:



See here for the other discussion:

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