Using Systems Management Agent to log onto Meraki WiFi

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Using Systems Management Agent to log onto Meraki WiFi

We're trying to figure out the best way to deploy a Wireless SSID that will only allow a laptop to connect if the device has the Meraki SME agent installed and it is showing as compliant in the MDM dashboard. This is for an prison inmate network to allow inmate computers in a lab to connect to the Meraki WiFi and then get out to a specific site on the internet, which is why we're trying to avoid using any username/passwords for logins.


Just to get connections going we setup the Meraki Cloud Authentication with SM Sentry Wi-Fi and then selected our MDM Network and the device tags within that, or if we should use a PSK and then rely on the Splash Page to enforce enrollment in Systems Management Center (we've turned off the Enrollment page, so you have to have the agent already installed). 

Kind of a big deal

Use the Sentry option.


The splash page is used more for enrolling devices.

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