Unable to register new MR42 AP


Unable to register new MR42 AP

I am trying to add the new MR42 AP but unable to add based on below error ,
"Cannot add an IMDA(SG) regulatory domain to a WPC(IN) regulatory domain. Add to a new Network or contact Meraki Support"


Trying to register the above AP to the india network but it is showing as "SG" when tried to claim due to which i am unbale to register the AP with the said error.


So, how can i change the country/region for the said AP (MR42) from SG to IN

Kind of a big deal

Hi @Vinit , sounds like you've purchased the wrong AP for your Domain/Region.


Are you able to go back to your Meraki partner in-country and ask them to RMA and replace with the correct one?

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Create a new wireless network with default settings (temporary, can be deleted later) and change Network-wide > Configure > General > Country/Region to (IN)

Add AP to this network (and wait until it comes online)

When AP is online go to Network-wide > Configure > General > Country/Region again and there should be a mismatch error, allowing you to change the AP domain, after you acknowledge the change.

more info -> MR_Wireless_Regulatory_Domains 

After that is complete, you can move the AP to the network you want. (that works with APs from US, that I add to EU networks, should probably work for your case as well).


Hi Antonis,

trying to follow the above steps but the option to change the Country/Region is hidden and unable to modify the same and can only change the "Local time zone" which i modified from US to India time zone.

Kindly suggest.


Hi Antonis,

Issue is now resolved as i waited for the AP to come online post which i was able to modify the Country/Region and moved the AP to required network.

Thank you once again for the assistance.Appreciate that !!!

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