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Unable to find a gateway

Here to help

Unable to find a gateway

Hello all,

its me again.


currently i have 2 AP's connected to Meraki switch.

1 works fine but the other doesnt.


Error: Unable to find a gateway to the internet.

AP is getting all the right ip information but i cant event ping or traceroute the gateway.

this is the first time i have plugged 2 ap at the same time.


Can you guys please help. 



Kind of a big deal

Re: Unable to find a gateway

That usually happens when the AP has an issue with its connection to the switch.  Perhaps try plugging the AP directly into the switch with a patch cord.  Make sure the switch port it is plugged into can get an IP address and can talk to the Internet (perhaps plug a notebook in to double check).

Getting noticed

Re: Unable to find a gateway

Are you able to see the AP on your Meraki dashboard? 


Are you able to access the local device status page (enter IP address in browser)?


On the physical AP - are there any lights that might give you a clue?

Here to help

Re: Unable to find a gateway

i can see it in dashboard. red icon.

havent checked if i can access the individual AP.


AP is attached in the ceiling. will be checking it out in sometime and let you know.


Here to help

Re: Unable to find a gateway

will try to do that.

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