Unable to configure the ports on MR30H.

Getting noticed

Unable to configure the ports on MR30H.


Today I encountered another issue.


I have a few MR30H deployed in a school environment and since the MR30H has 4 ports, I tried configuring the ports.  However, I realised that whenever I enabled 1 port, I was only allowed to choose 1 SSID, which does not make any sense to me. 


I am looking connecting a MR33 to this MR30H BUT this MR33 became a repeater taking the MR30H as a gateway.  I need to configure port 1 as trunk as I would be connecting it to a MR33 another 20 to 30m away from the MR30H.  


Could someone please teach me how to do so?  


Thanks and appreciated.


Kind of a big deal

I'm afraid it's not possible to configure the ports on the MR30H as a trunk. They're meant to be used for clients. Hence the port to ssid mapping to make them part of a single ssid/vlan.


Maybe there's a hidden feature that support can enable but I doubt it.


My advice would be to pull an extra cable.

Just a quick update


I encountered a whole new lot of new problems after I meddled around with the port profiles, SSIDs, etc.


1. My clients are experiencing Multiple DHCP servers.  

2. I could not remove/disable the SSID (wired) I created for the purpose of putting through multiple VLANs on.  This is still true after I have removed the SSID from the port profiles that I have created, disassociated the SSID from all ports and lastly deleted that port profile that used to contain the SSID.


3.  The MR33 at the end of this MR30H remains a repeater and that's not good.


Anyone has any other solutions for me?



You could try removing the devices from your network using the Meraki web page. After that, check to see the SSID (wired) issue another other issues have cleared up. Then put the devices back in the proper network.
Dave Anderson
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