Unable to bring new Meraki up in Dashboard

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Unable to bring new Meraki up in Dashboard

Hello Team,


I have few new APs which were delivered more than a year ago, were in store room till that time, not used. I am unable to bring those APs up in dashboard now. It shows dormant stage. APs are being powered by POE port. I have tried below steps.

1. I have kept similar switch port configuration as like as another working AP.

2. I have done switch port shut and un-shut.

3. Firewall configuration is same as another working AP.

4. I have checked by assigning another working AP IP as well.


Please suggest me if anything I am missing or anything to do from Meraki.


Kind of a big deal

The APs have been added to a network in the dashboard - correct?

yes, they are added. I am getting over the device limit for Meraki Cloud license message from Meraki dashboard. Is this related with the issue as dashboard not accepting new devices ?





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



Do they get a IP from your dhcp server? 

What does the local status page report ?

Can you factory reset 1 AP

I will try that but these are new APs. I have tried two APs with similar steps but not coming online. I assign static IP to APs. I have assigned a working AP IP to new AP but that doesn't work.

Kind of a big deal

You can test connecting a laptop to one of these ports and set the same IP address to test the internet connection.

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