Two SSID's, but some devices need to be seen on the both

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Two SSID's, but some devices need to be seen on the both

I've got a situation I can't figure out.


I've got a network with quite a few IOT devices, including some Apple TV's and some Printers.


On the primary network, I need to be able to get to the Apple TV's and the Printers.


How can I configure the network to allow this?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are your  ssids  in bridge mode? Is the  traffic allowed  at the AP firewall and/or another FW?

No; one of the SSID's is in bridge mode, but the IOT devices are not bridged for security.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can make it bridged mode and then select block all lan access at the fw settings. Then add allowed rules  to the  devices  you need access to.


Or move the apple/printer devices to the bridged ssid and apply a group policy on them

Getting noticed

This is a nice blog post to help you 


Most of it has been covered by previous replies, you will need to configure bonjour forwarding if the SSIDs are on different VLANs

I followed the blog post, but now devices my IOT no longer have an internet connection; It seems to be one way only. The MX sees the devices (on the dashboard), but I can’t ping them from the dashboard, and the Apple TV’s no longer have internet access.

I would go through the blog again with a fresh set of eyes and see if you notice where you have gone wrong. Failing that I would just call into support, its included in the cost of the license and they should be able to work this one through with you. 


Ive spent way too long looking at a setup that should work and finally when I've swallowed my pride and called support they have picked it up in 2 minutes. Sometimes you get abit blind looking at the same setup for so long. 

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