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Traffic Shaping on MX/MR Confusion

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Traffic Shaping on MX/MR Confusion

I'm a little confused on traffic shaping in a pure Meraki stack network.  If I setup traffic shaping on my MX in Security > SD WAN/Traffic Shaping and then go to my wired clients, I can see that they are being affected by a traffic shaping policy and Layer 7 rules.  However, if I go to my wireless clients (I have no traffic shaping applied to my MR) they have 0 rules affecting them for Layer 7 firewall and traffic shaping.


Shouldn't my SD WAN Traffic Shaping policies on the MX affect my wireless clients AND my wired clients? Or, do I need to mirror my traffic shaping I applied on the MX to the MR (SSID level)?


wireless-meraki-client.pngExample of wireless client


wired-meraki-client.pngExample of wired clientssid-trafficshape-firewall-settings.pngSSID traffic shaping/firewall settings


Kind of a big deal

Re: Traffic Shaping on MX/MR Confusion

Kind of a big deal

Re: Traffic Shaping on MX/MR Confusion

If your wireless clients are bridged to a VLAN where the MX is the default gateway then MX traffic shapping policies will take affect.

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