Time of Day vs 24 hour restrictions

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Time of Day vs 24 hour restrictions

 We currently have a group called "no night access".  Basically, it locks out certain devices outside of business hours by using a Layer 3 firewall rule, and set the rule to be effective only from 6 pm to 6am.


We'd like to further restrict those devices so that they can't access Netflix during the workday.  When I try to block those sites, though, nothing happens.  I'm supposing that is because the rule isn't active during the day.  Is this correct?  If so, how do we accomplish our goal?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Block it in the "main" firewall rules (Security Appliance/Firewall).  This will take affect [I think] when the group policy is off because of the time specification.

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Not sure if this would work for you but you can make an SSID only available during business hours (effectively disabling the clients during off hours) and then change the group to disable netflix during business hours.


Wireless --> Configure --> SSID availability 

I was trying to limit network access by TOD/DOW using policy, but SSID availability was the answer. Thanks!

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