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Tagging Wireless clients for monitoring.

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Tagging Wireless clients for monitoring.

I have 4 clients on my wireless that keep dropping off. I want to tag them so I get an alert when they drop off and compile data to help trouble shoot.


I see in the alerts section I can tag anything on the LAN but I don't think you can tag clients on the wireless LAN. 


Is there a way I can track clients on the wireless and get an alert when they drop from the network? 

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Re: Tagging Wireless clients for monitoring.

From a little checking, It looks like you can alert on devices that connect to the wifi supplied by an MX or Z1 but not devices that connect to a MR. You should cross your fingers and "make a wish".

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Re: Tagging Wireless clients for monitoring.



It' doesn't look like Dashboard has a custom alert that you can set up to see when a wireless client associates/disassociates from an AP. I would recommend looking at the Network-Wide > Clients section and filtering for the 4 specific devices that are having issues. You should be able to then see the even logs for those devices. 


Lastly a wireless packet capture from the AP as well as from another client devices using a wireless monitor capture would be idea to narrow the scope of your issue.





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