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Sponsored Guest approvals

We are just standing up Sponsored Guest access and are piloting it at one of our locations. It appears that a guest user must request approval for EACH device to be used (e.g. laptop and phone). Is this correct?


I realize that if the system granted approval automatically when you use the same requestor and approver addresses as an already-approved request, it would mean that guest users could share approved requests. So I get why separate per-device approvals would be required. I'm just checking to make sure that is the only option.


This could be disruptive in meetings were guests get settled in and get laptop access approved and then later try to use their smartphone on wifi and are required to get another approval.



Kind of a big deal

I don't think there any options in this area.

Understood. But we learned that users do NOT have to request access once per device. Using the same requester email address on the 2nd and subsequent requests will automatically grant access if the request is within the original (and still active) approval time period. Convenient but it also allows approvals to be shared among guest users.



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