Splash page doesnt appear in one of the ssid

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Splash page doesnt appear in one of the ssid

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             I have a question on one of the ssid i created in customer site, the ssid has configured as Click-through splash page, after i connected to this ssid, the splash page doesn't appear at all with either mobile or laptop, any idea how to solve such problem ? any help would be appreicated 




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I've typically found the splash screen to be fairly consistent. A couple things of note.

The splash page won't appear until the client sends http traffic. Https traffic will not generate the splash screen as it is encrypted.

The splash page won't appear if the client is accessing web pages from cache.

Comes here often

But from the beginning when deploying meraki AP, when customer connect to this ssid splash page will appeared itself, but starting from today the splash page doesn’t appear at all, even I manually open safari and browse any site, its still doesn’t popup, any suggestions I could do ?

Kind of a big deal

There are some circumstances where an unauthorized user will open up a web browser with the intention of hitting the Splash page to authenticate, but the web browser times out or fails to load the page. This will commonly occur when the user was attempting to access a web site via HTTPS.

When the AP or security appliance sees an HTTP GET request from a non-authenticated user, it will redirect that request to its configured Splash page. If the user's initial request is using HTTPS, however, their request is encrypted and therefore cannot be redirected. As such, the request will time out.

To troubleshoot this issue, the user should clear their browser cache and try to access any website using HTTP. If the issue persists, ensure that the client has a valid IP configuration, and troubleshoot for other possible network issues.

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