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Splash Page Frequency Timout With AD

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Splash Page Frequency Timout With AD

Hi All,


My customer wants to set their splash page time out to 60 days. Their staff login through the page and authenticate via AD. My question is if their passwords expire on the 30th every two months (60 days) and a staff member in puts their details on say the 14th of the month. When would their session expire? Would it be when AD needs them to change their password? Or, after the splash page time expires?


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Re: Splash Page Frequency Timout With AD

I suppose splash pages linked to AD also use the session cookie and RADIUS CoA will not be supported. So the session will remain valid for the time initially set in the cookie. When using RADIUS, the splash page frequency is managed by the RADIUS session-timeout attribute configured on the RADIUS server. If not specified, the default is 30 days.



Kind of a big deal

Re: Splash Page Frequency Timout With AD

I don't know for certain.


I believe that when the user logins their MAC address becomes "authorised" on the Meraki side.  That MAC address authorisation will remain in affect for the configured period.


The ongoing authorisation has nothing fuether to do with AD until it expires.

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