Sonicwall AP connected to MX device

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Sonicwall AP connected to MX device

Has anyone had success connecting a Meraki MX device to SonicWall AP's.  We have placed an MX device in a SonicWall shop with a VLAN so that we can control one of the SSID's broadcasted from the Sonicwall AP.  It's proven challenging.  We cannot get a DHCP lease off of the device and it appears that the Sonicwall AP's only want to communicate to the SonicWall firewall.....Looking for any good insight.

Kind of a big deal

Is the MX port configured in access or trunk mode?


It should work without problems, I've configured wireless solutions from other vendors with MX and I've never had problems on the MX side, usually it's some missing or incorrect configuration on the controller side.


Do you have any switch between the MX and or AP?

yes...that is kind of what I am thinking.  There is something wrong in the controller setup. I have done this multiple times with Ubiquity and never had a problem.  I will be at the customer location problem tomorrow and show know more about how it was installed.

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