Script to pull all PSKs from All Orgs/Networks

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Script to pull all PSKs from All Orgs/Networks

Before I spin wheels to write this, does anyone have a script they would be willing to share that will iterate through and pull all the PSKs from every network and output into some sort of text format?

Kind of a big deal

Not sure if you can but this is the only command that I know of:

I'd have to test it, because I'm not sure if it even shows you the PSK or not

But if you do a GET to get all your networks, then parse out the networks, then run that command above to get all the SSID's for each network
Nolan Herring |

Yes I've tested and the command works and gets me the PSK. It's the iteration through my clients that I'm not all that familiar with. I can figure it out, but if someone already has, don't want to reinvent the wheel.


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