SSID running out of IP space

Getting noticed

SSID running out of IP space

Our IOT devices have grown in number

SSID  Lab WiFi using VLAN 6 nearly exhausting the DHCP scope a /24 that cannot be remasked.

I have VLAN 32 with lots of address a /22 which was original just used as a test  for an SSID

Is reassigning the VLAN from 6 to 32 on SSID FN Lab WiFi a simple alternative to grow addresses?

I imagine all device will need to request a new IP?


What will trigger the clients to reIP?

I will rename the VLAN 32  to IOT for consistency

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The change of the VLAN for the SSID will not be the problem. But the misbehaving clients will be. Some might realise that the network changed, some might do a new DHCP when the wireless connection is killed and re associated and some will likely stick with the old IP until reboot. Especially IoT devices are very often the ones that behave the worst.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would turn the SSID off, change the VLAN, and then turn it back on.  This is to try and force clients to reconnect and get an IP address from the new range.

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