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SSID Change true Postman on a Z1

Getting noticed

SSID Change true Postman on a Z1

Hi All,


I am searching a way how to change the SSID from a Z1 true API. I put the Z1 in a combined Hardware Network. if I read out the SSID from this network true Postman with "" i get the List of the SSID'd from 0 to 14 but not the one configured true the Menu Teleworker Gateway --> Wireless Settings. Does somebody know if there is a special Post and Get for this SSIDs?


regards Michel

Meraki Employee

Re: SSID Change true Postman on a Z1

I had not tried that before on a Z1, but just did and I got the same results as you.  The same Postman commands worked fine on an MX64W, but not on my Z1.  I'd open a ticket with Support and I'll do the same in case this requires an API fix (or addition to support on Z1). 

Getting noticed

Re: SSID Change true Postman on a Z1

Hi Dave,


I got the Solution from the Meraki Support Team. The problem was that the Z1 was in a Combined Network. I delete this network an put the Z1 in a Security Devine Network and now it is working perfectly. so if somebody want to manage the Z1 true API it can not be in a Combined Network.


Regards Michel

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