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Requesting Installation Pictures - Indoor Antennas

Meraki Employee

Requesting Installation Pictures - Indoor Antennas

Hey there, I wanted to collect some installation pictures of external antennas on MR42E or MR53E.  From a recent installation, I already have some "behind the scenes" pictures, like an MR53E with an ANT-3-E6 wide patch, in an auditorium.


It's not the prettiest picture, because it's behind the scenes, to show the AP and antenna physical mounting, pigtail cable connections to the AP, and safety cables.  What I've neglected to get from a few installations, and what I'm asking the Community for, is if you can share any pics of the aesthetically pleasing side.  Like from down in the seats of an auditorium or stadium or factory floor, a picture looking up (even if it's 30 or 40 feet up) showing what is visible from the user's point of view (which is basically just the nice smooth white side of the patch antenna). 


I would add any pics into my collection of anonymous mounting photos, to show BOTH behind the scenes and the user-facing side (to show it's not an eye sore).  Feel free to share here, or private message me a photo, don't need to post publicly here if you'd rather not. 

Thanks for sharing!


Community Manager

Re: Requesting Installation Pictures - Indoor Antennas

I just might reward people who share a picture (either publicly or privately) with some Meraki sunglasses too 😄

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki | @merakicaroline
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Re: Requesting Installation Pictures - Indoor Antennas

I have a customer atm installing ANT-27 and ANT-3-F5. Waiting for him to finish up the installation, and then I might have him take a couple of pictures.
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Re: Requesting Installation Pictures - Indoor Antennas

It´s an MR42E with Bendable Dipole (MA-ANT-3-B5) antennas at the ceiling behind a big TV-screen in a meeting-roomIMG_0957.JPGMR42E with Bendable Dipole (MA-ANT-3-B5)

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Re: Requesting Installation Pictures - Indoor Antennas

MR42E with Bendable Dipole (MA-ANT-3-B5) in a provisionally warehouse store. Yes, very provisional, but it´s a Meraki advantage to build quick a network and to move it quick to another location.



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