Reduce latency by up to 40% Banner

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Reduce latency by up to 40% Banner


I am getting this banner keen to reduce latency by 40%. !!!!!   Click the diagnostics...





Get this




How do I reduce Latency by 40% ????  I have WiFi 6 separate SSID for 2.4Ghz an 5Ghz (best practice for now maybe not for 6Ghz).  


The "Broadcasting SSID Per AP" is miss leading when you have separate SSID per band.  I am MUCH BETTER than the industry average but it shows me that I am below 😥


This is what is should look like







I still want to know how the AI thinks I can reduce latency by 40%   or is this just clickbait to run the diagnostics that may or may not find anything ???

Kind of a big deal

How many SSIDs do you have? Have you noticed some issue?

I have 2 x SSID  one 2.4Ghz and one on 5Ghz  Which is good best practice.  trouble is the algorithm just looks at the number of SSID per AP  not number of SSID per Band.   Admittedly this will change with 6Ghz  having a 6Ghz only SSID is not good practice due to the  number of channels and you need 5 Ghz to give the neighbor reports  to know what 6Ghz channels to scan.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@CharlieCrackle it is just clickbait... (in my opinion) 😉

Kind of a big deal

But a correct one ... 😉 

Edit: Argh, what I mean is that the complaint is correct! This feature needs some improvement.

Kind of a big deal

Your results look very good.


Maybe it just wants you to buy 40% more access points.  🙂

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