Recommendations for two site setup

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Recommendations for two site setup



We are about to begin using MR42 and MR33 across the same domain but two different physical sites (locations). The preference would be to have the same SSID for both locations so the machines are able to move from one location to the other without needing to worry about putting in a different password. Is there anything we should bear in mind for the installation which might not make this possible? For example the fact that they are on two different subnets etc.


Thanks in advance for any help or recommendations. We have been checking docs but hands-on advice / experience is always appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

If you use the Same SSID and PSK you don´t have to worry.


Same as at home... Installed the same SSID/PSK at my parents house as I´m using at home so I didn´t have to keep thei PSK anywhere 😄



Thanks, that's very helpful!
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