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Random users get "Connected, No Internet"

Comes here often

Random users get "Connected, No Internet"

Windows 10 laptops (with the latest patches), MR45s setup in bridge mode and DHCP is handled through the Windows domain controllers.  We have 802.1x enabled.  Authenticated Wireless users are put on a Corporate wireless VLAN.


We've been experiencing some issues with random users at random times (including myself occasionally) trying to connect wirelessly and will connect, receive the yellow "!" in the system tray and it will say "Connected, no internet"  


I do not see the client laptop connected to any of the APs, but I do see in the event log the laptop from it looks like, being authenticated. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting will allow them to connect successfully, sometimes it won't.  



Kind of a big deal

Re: Random users get "Connected, No Internet"

What do you see in Wireless Health on that SSID?

When a device says no internet, is it getting a valid IP address? 


If 169.254.x.x, is your DHCP pool exhausted? Is DHCP otherwise having trouble passing on your network or being processed on your server?

Comes here often

Re: Random users get "Connected, No Internet"

Wireless health for the SSID is fine.


The clients are getting the correct DHCP address assigned to the Corp WLAN.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Random users get "Connected, No Internet"

I encounter the "Connected no internet" message when accessing a known krap WiFi service from a Win 10 laptop. I suspect it is caused by chip set incompatibilities.


My solution

  • Tether a smartphone to the laptop.

If still having difficulties

  • restart the smartphone

If that doesn't work

  • stand under the closest WiFi AP and restart the phone, sometimes a "marginal" signal causes problems obtaining an IP address

Not ideal, but it works.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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