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Question on MA-ANT-27 and MR74


Question on MA-ANT-27 and MR74

Hi All,


My question is, since the MA-ANT-27 is a dual band antenna would it theoretically be possible to connected one antenna to the two vertical ports on the MR74 (2.4G and 5G) and a second antenna to the two horizontal ports (2.4G and 5G). If possible is there any downside to this approach?



Kind of a big deal

Re: Question on MA-ANT-27 and MR74

I'm not 100% sure - but I think the approach you have outlined is correct.  That should be fine.


Re: Question on MA-ANT-27 and MR74

Cheers Philip. Thanks.

Meraki Employee

Re: Question on MA-ANT-27 and MR74

I stumbled on this post, looking for something else...

Keen to understand how you got on:

A)  Because I wasn't sure what you meant by horizontal and vertical ports  (MR74 has a pair of antenna ports on the top (one radio) and a pair on the bottom (other radio).

B)  It sounded like what you might be doing was the opposite of ideal...   If you have an antenna, such as an MA-ANT-25, then its two pigtails should be connected to the same radio (both plugged into the same side of the MR74).   A second one would plug into the two ports on the opposite side of the AP.   If this is what you've done and I've misinterpreted, my apologies...

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